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Vehicle Tracking Overview

Companies with a large fleet of vehicles often want to know exactly where individual vehicles are at any one point in time.

A vehicle tracking system allows any vehicle's exact location to be pinpointed, meaning time and money is not lost trying to find one which has been stolen or broken down.

Delivery companies can track their vehicles and give more accurate delivery times to their customers, while employers can check their drivers are carrying out their duties as expected and on time.

The Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

The benefits of vehicle tracking include savings on fuel costs, increased productivity, better customer service and employee safety.

Individual & Business Benefits

  • For individuals vehicle tracking can be used as an anti-theft device as it helps with the recovery of stolen vehicles.
  • Having a tracker can also reduce insurance premiums due to the higher likelihood of recovering the vehicle.
  • Trackers can also help reduce insurance premiums for young drivers as some companies offer reduce premiums for users who do not drive after a certain time at night.
  • For businesses, vehicle trackers can be used for fleet management, reducing costs, employee tracking and asset protection.
  • Trackers can help delivery companies plan the most effective routes for their drivers and knowing where the cargo is can help reduce insurance premiums.
  • More effective route planning can help businesses reduce their fuel costs which can be one of the largest costs for businesses.

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What Is Vehicle Tracking?

Vehicle tracking systems use GPS technology, which is also used in satellite navigation.

Each vehicle is fitted with a transmitter which emits a signal to satellites navigating the Earth. This signal is then relayed back to a computer which displays the vehicle's position on a map: a simple idea, but effective, none the less.

Vehicle tracking is a system whereby the position and speed of a vehicle can be monitored. It requires software to monitor the device by receiving. The system can either be an active or a passive system. In a passive system, the device recording the vehicles movements is triggered when the vehicle is turned on, or some other set point.

The speed and direction of the journey are then recorded by the device. When the vehicle is returned the data from the tracking device can be downloaded and the software will show the details of the system.

An active vehicle tracking system is a live system. This means that the information from the device is relayed to real time to the software so the location of the vehicle can be constantly tracked. With some trackers, the device can be a mixture of both systems so if data cannot be transmitted then it can be stored to be reviewed at a later point.

How Does Vehicle Tracking Work?

A vehicle tracking system for your company fleet includes an electronic device on an individual vehicle (or fleet of cars). This links with computer software that a third party can use to track locations and data.

Vehicle tracking works by utilising the Global Positioning System (GPS), which are also used in satellite navigation systems. The GPS system in the tracker relays a signal to a satellite which then passes the signal to the software.

The satellite will calculate the distance traveled from the information passed from the transmitter before sending the information to the receiver. There are over twenty GPS satellites covering the whole of the planet which means vehicles can be tracked globally.

The whole process takes place almost instantly so a vehicles location will always be known. Signals from vehicle tracking devices are strong enough to locate a vehicle in closed garages or in underground parking.

What Types of Vehicle Tracking Systems Are There?

Costs & UK Prices

Most UK suppliers don't publish how much their vehicle tracking systems cost and will instead give you an individual quote, based on the needs of your business. This is helpful in negotiating a good deal but it can be difficult to know what prices are available.

Anti-Theft Vehicle Tracking This is the simplest type of tracker, made to prevent theft. This device uses VHF or GPS and is able to tell the location of the vehicle. This can then be found by the authorities.

  • Around £300 - £500 per vehicle
  • Lease for £150 per annum

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems These systems are for a business fleet. Information is stored on the internet and can be accessed by mobile phones.

  • You pay for a subscription and this depends on how many vehicles you have
  • Expect to pay around £10 per month
  • Pay-as-you-Go service options
  • Additional charges for adding or removing a unit (£100) or setting your business up with software, alerts or reports
  • Deposit of £50 per unit fitted (refundable)
Vehicle Tracking for Fleets of Cars

Fleet Management Systems This combines GPS vehicle tracking with additional features and tools. Examples of these features include route planning, reports on fuel efficiency and driver IDs.

  • Paid on a subscription basis (depends on number of cars/features)
  • Extra charges (same as GPS tracking systems)
  • Lengthier contracts & no Pay-as-you-Go option
Find out more: Vehicle Tracking System Prices


Fleetmatics Products Include:
  • Fleet Management Solutions – to make monitoring your company cars simple
  • GPS tracking dashboard
  • Route replay
  • Reports – performance & maintenance
  • Alerts
  • GeoFencing & landmarks – designate where vehicle are allowed/not
  • Fuel card integration – control over fuel spending
  • Integration with Garmin navigation units
  • Mobile Application
  • Driver ID – keeping record of individual driver routes
Fleetmatics Benefits:
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Prevent unauthorised use
  • Ease labour costs
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Improved safety & security
  • Better customer service
  • Environmental impact

TomTom Telematics

TomTom Logo TomTom Telematics Main Products:WORKsmarttm Vehicle Tracking System & Fleet Management Solution • WEBFLEET® full featured fleet management software. • WEBFLEET LITE® basic fleet management software. TomTom Telematics Key Features & Benefits:
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracing
  • Reduce Petrol Use
  • Lower CO2 Emissions
  • Web Software accessible worldwide
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Instant Alerts
  • Geo-regions
  • Reports on speed, mileage and fuel economy of your fleet
  • Lots more!

Remote Asset Management (RAM)

RAM Products:
  • Live Vehicle Tracking – for small or large fleets
  • GPS Tracking Devices – using GSM and GPRS at the same time

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RAM Benefits:
  • Improved productivity
  • Management control
  • Customer service
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Cheaper fuel bills

Crystal Ball Ltd

Crystal Ball Ltd Products:
  • FleetTracker – Entry Level Vehicle Tracking Solution
  • FleetTracker Driver Behaviour – Premium Level Vehicle Tracking Solution
  • Driver ID – in the case that drivers are not assigned to a particular vehicle, the “Driver ID” bolt on offers a solution for providing reporting on the individual drivers.
  • My Europe – for fleets which travel throughout mainland Europe, they can benefit from the "my europe" bolt on
Crystal Ball Benefits:
  • Reduce Fleet Costs (Fuel Usage & Wear and Tear)
  • Improve Fleet Productivity
  • Increase Your Operational Efficiency
  • Enhance Your Customer Service
  • Improve Employee Safety
  • Help you comply with UK legislation


Kellrose Communications Products Include:
  • Live Vehicle Tracking – with Google Maps
Kellrose Benefits:
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Productivity
  • Competitive Prices
  • Fuel Economy
  • On-site Warranty

F16 Consulting

F16 Consulting Products Include:
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems – combined with your office system, mobile workforce, personal digital assistant (PDA), or satnavs
  • Fitted sensors to seat belts, doors & temperature controlled vehicles
  • Access information on the internet
  • Live location updates
  • Route planning
  • Data & traffic reports (to email)
  • Closest vehicle to a location
  • Avoid traffic with updates
  • Oversee driver behaviour
  • Record mileage
  • Monitor unauthorised use of vehicles
  • Geo zones to track entry/exit to exact areas
  • Email/text alerts

F16 Benefits:
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduced fuel costs, mileage & CO2 output
  • Real time information
  • Increased customer satisfaction with fleet efficiency
  • Tracking stolen vehicles

Ikonix Telecoms

Ikonix Products Include:
  • Partnership agreement with Avian Mobile Services & Intouch Installations – these partners have field engineers across the UK to install your vehicle tracking solutions
  • Most installations include GSM but they also offer TETRA, GPS, Telematics & security devices
Ikonix Benefits:
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Saving time/costs

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