Cheap GPS Car Tracker Prices & Rates in the UK

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Find out about the cheapest GPS car tracking options in the UK and how to save on GPS or RFID systems.

Car Tracker Options

There are many types of cheap GPS car tracker options available in the UK. You will need to decide what type of system you are looking to buy before you begin comparing prices to find the cheapest car tracker in the UK.

The two initial decisions are whether you want an active or passive tracker, followed by whether you want a GPS or RFID system.

Active trackers are those which continually transmit data to the base computer allowing real time information to be displayed showing location, speed and direction of the vehicles.

Passive trackers record all the same information as an active tracker but they store this information on the tracking device for it to be downloaded at a later date. It is also possible to purchase hybrid trackers, which are a mix between the two options.

Cheapest GPS Systems

GPS systems use satellite technology to locate vehicles. They are the most common type of tracker used in the UK. GPS trackers can include different features, such as messaging systems, which will increase the price. To purchase a basic device usually costs from around a hundred pounds upwards, and there may be further installation costs.

If you are looking to buy trackers for a fleet of vehicles, the other option would be to lease the trackers. Leases are usually available for three to five years in length. For a five year lease, on a basic tracker prices can start from around fifty pence per vehicle per day. The overall cost of trackers may be more expensive over the duration of the lease but, it does avoid the initial barrier to investment.

Cheapest RFID Systems

These are tracking systems that use radio wave technology to locate vehicles. Investing in an RFID tracking system is traditionally more expensive than a GPS system as it requires specialist equipment.

However, there are certain advantages from investing in this type of device, as they also have the ability to monitor environmental factors such as temperature, and compared to GPS technology the signal is much stronger and more accurate. A cost benefit analysis of investing in a tracking system can be used to calculate if the additional investment in RFID trackers would be financially beneficial for your company.

Can They Help Recover Stolen Vehicles?

In the event of a vehicle being stolen the tracking device software can instantly locate the vehicle and pass this information on to the police. This means there is a high chance that the vehicle will be found quickly and undamaged. It also increases the likelihood that the assistant will be caught and prosecuted. Of course there is no guarantee of the vehicle bring recovered in a reusable state.

That being said tracking devices also act as deterrents as many would-be thieves realise they will be caught if they steal a vehicle fitted with the technology. Many companies, therefore, choose to advertise the tracking device manufacturer on their vehicles.

Cost Savings

When calculating the cost of your vehicle tracker for GPS, it is important to factor in the cost savings the equipment should generate for the business.

Areas to consider include:

  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Reduction of exposure to costs associated with speeding, and
  • Automated fleet life-cycle management.

Next Steps

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