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How Much Do Vehicle Tracking Systems Cost?

Vehicle & Car Tracking Costs

The cost of vehicle tracking systems for your business will depend on whether the system is for one personal car or a company fleet. There are vehicle and van tracking price options for all budgets and fleets of all sizes. The level of tracking and extent of reporting will also affect vehicle tracking cost.

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A personal tracker can cost less than £300 to install. Subscription charges work out at about 38p a day, roughly £140 a year. The cheapest vehicle tracking system will not report any data or generate any reports, but gets activated once you report your car or vehicle to the police as stolen.

Any vehicle tracking system fitted to your company car is likely to earn you a discount from your insurer and different discount rates apply between insurers.

Company Fleet Vehicle Tracking Costs

The cost per car of tracking systems for vehicle fleets usually decreases as the size of the fleet increases, but it may cost more than a standard tracking system because of the extra information needed.

Additional reporting information normally required for company fleet tracking include:

average speed

speed limit alerts

how long the engine remains running when the vehicle is not moving

hours active in the field during the working day

Another important reporting element for company fleets is the amount of business and private mileage accrued during each month. Business vehicle tracking systems cost can start from around 50p a day per vehicle.

GPS Tracking Buyer’s Guide

Fleetmatics has designed ‘The Essential GPS Tracking Buyer’s Guide’ to help you with pricing, features and providers. We really like the checklist included at the bottom to help you decide on the best system for your business. After reviewing the guide, get in touch with Expert Market and we can help you with any further questions about purchasing systems and vehicle tracking.

Vehicle Tracking System Buyer’s Guide
Please see the chapters here:
Table of Contents
Introducing GPS Fleet Tracking
Do You Need GPS Tracking?
How GPS Tracking Works for You
Benefits of Vehicle Tracking
Choosing the Right GPS Solution
System Features
Choosing the Best GPS Provider
GPS Case Study 1
GPS Case Study 2
GPS Buyer’s Checklist

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Passive vs Active Tracking

Broadly, there are two methods of tracking a vehicle in terms of sending data from the on board tracker to the server: Active and Passive tracking systems.

1. Passive Tracking Systems collect tracking data which, when the vehicle is returned to a certain point, can be accessed and analysed.

2. Active Tracking Systems also collect the tracking data but use a satellite or mobile network to upload data live enabling real time tracking. Active tracking systems are necessary where time critical operations are carried out such as field service engineer team vehicles and courier/delivery operatives.

Find Reputable Vehicle Tracking Specialists

Looking for the best UK vehicle tracking specialists for you can be a daunting task when so many websites offer cheap tracking systems for all types of users. Installing and maintaining vehicle tracking equipment requires a lot of skill and technical understanding, so you need to make sure your service provider knows what they are doing.

It is important to get the best vehicle tracking provider for you as the correct tracking system will improve your vehicle's security, making your business more profitable and efficient and simply giving you peace of mind.

Where Can I Compare Vehicle Tracking Prices?

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