Personal Vehicle Tracker Systems

What is a Vehicle Tracker?

A vehicle tracker is an electronic device that is placed inside a vehicle or fleet of vehicles, and that is linked by special software to a separate device controlled by the owner of the vehicle or a third party for the purposes of tracking the location of the vehicle and gathering certain other kinds of information as well.

Most modern vehicle trackers use GPS tracking technology. They are most commonly used by businesses that use fleets of vehicles for their operations like couriers and delivery companies. Inner-city public transit authorities are an increasingly popular user of them as well. But they are also often used by private individuals for use in their own personal vehicles.

The kinds of information they can relay are - where the vehicle is located in real-time, how fast the vehicle is travelling, if it is stationary, if it has any mechanical problems etc. They can also be very useful for concerned parents who want to keep track of their teenage kids when they take out the family car for any reason.

Advantages to Vehicle Tracking

Perhaps the biggest advantage to vehicle tracking for businesses that use it, is in the savings that can be made in terms of fuel and wage costs. These can be the two biggest expenditures for a company reliant on a fleet of vehicles. For a large company like UBS, tens of thousands of pounds a year can be saved by switching to vehicle tracking. For parents vehicle tracking can be a very effective way of providing peace of mind when their teenage kids take the car out. With a vehicle tracker you can track how fast they are travelling at all times as well as tracking their exact location, anywhere 24 hours a day.

You can set up your tracking software so that if any of a pre-determined set of rules are broken, you will be notified immediately either straight to your PC or via a text to your mobile phone or via an email straight to your inbox. So if your son or daughter is speeding when they shouldn't, or venture further than they are allowed to, you know about it exactly when it happens. Vehicle tracking gives parents the freedom of allowing them to let their kids use the car, whilst at the same time giving them the assurance and peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are driving safely.

Cost of Vehicle Tracking Systems

If you decide to purchase a vehicle tracking system you can choose either to buy your system outright or to rent it out on a monthly contract. A tracking system bought outright can go for as little as £199 and will include tracking software that links it to your PC or mobile phone. Systems can rise in price to around £450-£500 for the most sophisticated systems. You can pay a subscription of around £7-£10 a month that will give you 24hr live tracking updates to your mobile or PC whenever you request them. Alternatively you could hire your system on a monthly contract, this will cost around £25-£30 a month. Monthly contracts have the advantage that you do not have to pay the installation charge whereas you would have to if you bought outright or were on a pay-as-you-go deal.

Vehicle Tracking Comparisons

Choosing the right system for your requirements can be confusing at times with all the different suppliers on the market so a comparison site can be a useful way of finding the best deal available. The beauty of comparison sites is that the information they provide is impartial and can be trusted. Indeed, most of the suppliers that are on these sites are aware that they are on them and so try harder to be as competitive as possible. All you have to do is enter your details and what kind of system it is you are looking for and they do the rest. They will list all the tracking providers in your area, along with their prices and contact details. Registration to one of these sites is free and simple to do. Hopefully you are now more aware of what vehicle tracking systems are and the simplest way of finding the best deal available.

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