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Teletrac Navman Fleet Management Review 2017

teletrac navman review
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The Best Teletrac Navman Fleet Management Solutions For 2017

Teletrac and Navman Wireless have merged to become a telematics giant leading the way in vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. With the merger Teletrac Navman bring together the strengths of both businesses, allowing fleet managers to select from a truly comprehensive range of GPS solutions that cover every conceivable aspect of GPS fleet tracking and fleet telematics.

With nearly three decades of experience each, these two companies bring the most comprehensive choices in fleet management technology as well as a truly global reaching customer service base. Additionally, a future research and development budget aims pave the way for new technological developments in fleet telematics and bring further added benefits to businesses operating fleets.

Teletrac Navman products include advanced tracking tools for real-time tracking, optimising fuel efficiency, safety, and business intelligence. With the aim to decrease fuel waste, overtime, and increase productivity across your fleets, all the data is cloud based allowing customers to access detailed information through a dashboard. The flagship product of the merged companies is Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR – aiming to be one platform connecting fleet management to their drivers and vehicles.

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Products and Features

Teletrac Navman’s products include both hardware and software. The hardware solution is satellite navigation and the software solution is vehicle and fleet telematics delivers as a cloud based SaaS.

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR

The Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is the flagship range of fleet tracking products for fleet tracking. It is designed with accessibility and simplicity in mind, and the technology is designed to be able to adapt to fleets of any size. It comes in three editions: Essential; Professional; and Enterprise - and is comprised of a modular approach.

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Essential

This is Teletrac Navman’s most basic DIRECTOR offering. It comprises of:

  • Real Time Tracking – including location services, dispatching and geo-fencing and is available via Smartphone and Tablet App
  • Data Management – allowing various mapping and search options as well as functions for grouping vehicles and establishing hierarchies.
  • Vehicle & Driver Interactions – including dispatching and routing
  • Vehicle & Trip Reports – various basic reporting functions comprising of fleet performance information and time sheets

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Professional

Teletrac Navman’s most popular option comprises all the elements of the Essential DIRECTOR as well as building in additional tracking functions:

  • Dashboard – allowing flexible and comprehensive analytics and data charting
  • Driver Scorecards – allowing you to monitor and act on driver behaviour
  • Maintenance & Fuel Reports – enabling you to schedule maintenance and track fuel expenses
  • Vehicle Event – for monitoring certain events and updating you via email
  • Street View Mapping – utilising Google Street View allows accurate guidance for drivers from management
  • Report Suite – a more comprehensive package of reporting functions including idle time, peak speed, time sheets and CO2 emission

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Enterprise

Comprising all the elements of both the DIRECTOR Essential and Professional packages, The DIRECTOR Enterprise is the most comprehensive fleet management system on offer from Teletrac Navman. In addition you receive:

  • Advanced Reply – allowing you unsafe driving playback
  • User Permission Controls – enabling you to restrict or allow access as required as well as run audit reports
  • API Support – enabling you to connect various platforms and request specialised support in integrations
  • Customer Form Builder – allowing you to access custom reports as well as perform functions such as capturing signatures
  • Enhanced Geo-Search – enabling you to see your fleet’s movements at any time in the last 24 months.


By bringing together the best of all Teletrac Navman services in the one product operating on a modular basis - Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR - fleet managers can be sure they are getting the most holistic and comprehensive GPS and telematics product on the market, with the biggest customer support network in the industry. This system can be customised to suit you whatever your fleet size and the nature of your business.

Teletrac Navman provide excellent solutions which offer more than most standard GPS navigation and fleet tracking products. The ability to track fleets in real time combined with Tthe cloud-based fleet management software delivered as SaaS is a sophisticated solution that should cover all the requirements of any businesses operate fleets, not to mention that these systems offer substantial cost savings and are available for any size of fleet.

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Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is certainly a platform that would be well worth while for any sized fleet. If you want to benefit from the cost savings benefits provided by Teletrac Navman's fleet management solutions complete our web form and receive free tailor-made quotations.