UK Telematics

Who are UK Telematics

UK Telematics is a company which operates a website offering information, advice and tips for anyone with questions about telematics. UK Telematics provide information on a wide range of areas that businesses with a fleet of vehicles may find useful.

Areas the site covers include vehicle tracking, trailer tracking, satellite navigation and mobile data communication systems. As well as providing information, the company also operate an online shop which sells GPS navigation systems and provides quotes for vehicle tracking systems.

For businesses that do not currently have a vehicle tracking system, the site provides comprehensive, unbiased information on the different technologies, such as GPS systems and RFID systems. It also includes a collection of links to other sites which provide information on relevant technologies. The site is not just for business users, as it also sells products for individuals.

UK Telematics GPS Shop

The GPS shop on the website sells a number of GPS products including navigation systems such as TomToms and Garmins for individual users. It also sells personal GPS trackers such as the Veloset GPS enabled Tracker Wireless Cycle Computer, or the Garmin Forerunner 205 Wrist Worn GPS Personal Training Device.

If you are looking for navigation or mapping software, these are also available through this site, including options such as maps for the USA and Canada, as well as other parts of the world, or software covering smaller areas such as South West France. Lastly, the site also includes books about GPS such as those which help people to get their best from their systems, or even books about how to use GPS technology to run team building events.

UK Telematics Tracking Quotes

The tracking quotes system is for businesses in the UK who would like to receive a quote for purchasing or leasing a vehicle tracking system. It will quote for systems that track HGVs, cars, motorcycles, vans and trailers. To obtain a quote from the website, you will need to fill out an online form with some basic information regarding the type of vehicle you wish to track, whether you are using the trackers as anti-theft devices, or for vehicle management and the number of vehicles you are looking to track. Once you have completed the form, your business will receive a number of different quotes over the next twenty four hours helping you choose the most cost effective option.

Who is UK Telematics For?

The UK Telematics website can be used by companies to help them reach the best decision about which product to buy. The site can also be useful for helping employees understand the implications of setting up a vehicle tracking system. Sometimes employees can feel such a scheme is intrusive and one way of reassuring them is to let them know the benefits of such a system and what rights they have under it. The website has full details about the legal implications of using and storing data, especially in relation to the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act.

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