Van Mileage Tracker

What is a Van Mileage Tracker?

There are currently two varieties of tracking systems available, active systems and passive systems. Active and passive tracking systems can both track the location of a vehicle and track how much mileage the vehicle has done. These two different types of trackers work in two different ways.

A passive system attached to a vehicle can track the mileage a vehicle has done and where it has been. The information gathered by the tracker can be assessed by attaching the tracker to a computer via a USB cable. With this type of system the data can only be seen once the vehicle has returned. Also these trackers only work when the vehicles engine is switched on.

An active system is where you can track a vehicle at any time by using a computer or a mobile phone application. An active tracker will also tell you the mileage a vehicle has done. All types of vehicle tracking system work in the same way as satellite navigation systems work. They all rely on global positioning satellites that orbit the globe. These satellites are what send and receive information from the tracking device.

Costs of Trackers

Trackers can be purchased, leased or hired from a vast number of specialist companies across the UK. To lease a tracking system for your vehicles it can cost as little as 90p per day per system. Usually companies with a large fleet of vehicles will choose to lease the trackers rather than buying them to keep the costs down.

If you wish to buy a tracker it can cost anything from £150-£400 for a basic system. The more up market the system is then the more expensive it will be to buy. Generally the longer you need the battery to last for, the more expensive it will be to buy. Active systems are usually more expensive to purchase than passive systems.

Advantages to Trackers

These trackers have lots of advantages. For personal use they are often intended as anti theft devices only. For business users tracking the whereabouts of a vehicle and how many miles it has travelled means you should be able to work out more efficient routes for your drivers and this will lead to reduced fuel costs. Active tracking systems also have the added bonus of being able to locate any of your vehicles within your fleet at any time.

Being able to track the location and the mileage of your vehicles means that employees are less likely to take other routes to run personal errands. It will also add to the safety of your staff when they are transporting expensive stock on board.

Some insurance companies will offer reduced premiums for vehicles that have these types of tracking systems installed which is a major bonus for anyone with a fleet of vehicles to maintain.

Law on Vehicle Tracking

There are very clear laws on vehicle tracking in the UK that have to be adhered to. It is illegal to track any vehicle if the driver of that vehicle does not know the vehicle tracking system is in place. It is very important therefore to make absolutely sure that anyone with access to the vehicle is made aware that a tracking system is installed.

Covert vehicle tracking is illegal unless it is done to uphold the law. This means that only police and intelligence are allowed to use trackers without the driver's knowledge.

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