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Van Tracking Systems From £9.99/Month

What Is Van Tracking?

Van trackers are small devices that are installed into a company’s fleet to track the whereabouts of each vehicle. Tracking also provides information that can range from driver identification to fuel management.


Compare van trackers from £9.99/Month & Save up to 30%
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Types Of Tracker

There are two different technologies that are used for van tracking and two different van tracking systems. Exactly which one is right for you depends entirely on your business and taking time to choose the correct option or options, is vital for ensuring you get the full benefits of any of the van tracker systems.

Van Tracking

RFID Trackers For Vans

RFID technology can be used for vans in warehouse conditions. They work by fitting “tags” onto cargo or vehicles that can be read when passing RFID scanners. This automates the whole process and allows for vehicles and their cargo to be easily tracked.

GPS Trackers For Vans

GPS trackers for vans utilise some of the same technology that your sat nav or mobile phone does. GPS trackers for vans, also known as Global Positioning Systems, track the exact position of a vehicle by using satellite technology. One of the biggest advantages to GPS trackers for vans is the information can be updated in real time and processed accordingly.

Passive Van Tracker Systems

Van tracking systems do not only track the position of the fleet, they can also collect information related to driver behaviour, fuel usage, cargo, inventory data and many other intricate parts of running a fleet.

A passive van tracking system is one that collects all data for it to be uploaded to the system later. With such an in depth overview of the entire process, the business can be managed and tweaked to gain the maximum efficiency possible.

Active Van Tracker Systems

Active van tracking systems instead update the information in real time allowing instant interaction with the entire fleet if needed. This can be very important for certain areas of the operation, such as traffic management and any possible change of plan.

Compare Van Trackers From £9.99/Month

What Big Is Your Fleet?

Van Tracker Suppliers

There are many different tracking suppliers available, both reputable and not so reputable. Some suppliers are better suited to van tracking than others, however. So here are some of the most highly regarded van tracker suppliers in the UK.

Compare van tracking suppliers like Fleetmatics and AMS with free quotes from Expert Market


Fleetmatics are a company based in Reading with over 12,500 customers worldwide. Their unique software manages to combine efficiency and ease of use while their on demand traffic reports are integrated with the ubiquitous Google Maps.

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AMS, or Asset Monitoring Solutions Group Ltd, are based in Ipswich and boast the influential backing of BT. Development and innovation are at the heart of their success and their flexible management systems are extremely highly thought of in the van tracking industry.

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Nationwide Service Care

NCS are specialists in mobile technology and their van tracking system is proof of such expertise. Based in Manchester, Nationwide Service Care are a small but reliable company that offer a high level of customer service and all at very competitive rates.

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Vine Telematics

Essex based Vine Telematics offer a variety of options for companies that operate van fleets and are particularly well placed to deal with the specifics of van tracking systems.

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Van Trackers Cost

As there are so many options in relation to van tracking, van trackers costs can vary enormously. Entry-level devices begin from around £300 but can be a lot cheaper when bought in bulk for large fleets. At the other end of scale, more complex trackers can run into thousands but these tend to be very specific devices and not relevant to most business needs.

Next Steps

A van tracker is a specialist device and as such there are many variations in its use. A van tracking system is also a very specific device that can be constructed and tweaked to suit the specific needs of a business. With so many options available, even within the area of van trackers, the choice can be a little overwhelming.

By filling in our simple to use web form, which should take no longer than a minute, you can easily filter out the results that are not suitable to your company’s size, scope, type and budgetary limits, saving you frustration and possible headaches in the future.