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Van Tracking

This article will give you an overview of van tracking system costs, and prices to buy or rent a vehicle tracking system for your business.

About Van Tracking Systems

Businesses invest in van tracking systems for security and fleet management reasons. Vehicle tracking systems vary greatly and will depend on your individual business needs. It's therefore a good idea to do some preliminary research before you invest in a system.

There are two main types of tracking system available in the UK:

1. Passive Tracking tracks a vehicle in the same way but stores the information on the tracker to be downloaded when the vehicle returns to the depot. It is also possible to purchase a hybrid tracker which acts an active tracker, but if it is unable to relay the information will store it to be downloaded at a later date.

2. Active Tracking monitors a vehicles speed, route and direction at all times and then, through GPS technology, relay this information back to the business base where software displays the information. With an active system, the location of vehicles can be seen in real time.

Cost of Van Tracking

The cost of a tracking system for vans will depend upon what supplier is chosen, what features are opted for and how the tracking system is purchased.

Features available on tracking systems include:

•   One or two way messaging
•   The ability to remotely disable a vehicle if it is stolen
•   Software additions such as lifecycle management for your fleet of vans

The more features are included the more expensive the tracking system will become. On average the cost of van tracking systems will start from around £200 per vehicle with further installation costs to take in to account.

Many businesses will offer discounts when businesses purchase systems in bulk to enable tracking across their entire fleet.

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Rental Options

Tracking systems for vans can either be leased or purchased. Leases typically tend to be for 3 or 5 years with the latter resulting in lower monthly payments.

Leases typically offer companies the chance to increase the number of tracking devices held during the lease period.

To lease a basic tracking system for a company's vans on a 5 year lease can start from less than £1 per vehicle per day. If messaging is added it generally costs in the region of 20p-30p extra per vehicle per day.

Cost Savings

Installing trackers in vans can often result in considerable cost savings for a business, which should be considered when calculating the overall cost to the business.

Insurance premiums often fall as vehicles fitted with trackers are much less likely to be stolen, and if they are stolen they are much more likely to be recovered, along with any valuable cargo they might be carrying.

Other cost savings come in the form of reduced fuel costs through more effective route planning.

Other smaller cost savings include tax savings as a company can demonstrate to HMRC that the vans are only used for business purposes and are not a benefit in kind to employees, a reduction in costs due to speeding and less time lost to unauthorised employee downtime.

Next Steps

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