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Vehicle Tracking System Prices From £9.99/Month

vehicle tracking systems cost

Vehicle tracking systems costs depend on many different factors and deciding which option is right for your operation takes a lot of research.

Vehicle Tracking System Price

Many factors go into working out the GPS vehicle tracking system price. The main influence on costs, however, are whether it is a large or small fleet you are operating.

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Single Vehicle Tracking Costs

For single vehicle operations the costs are quite simple to work out. The tracker itself can cost as little as £300 while options for subscription start from around £150 a year. Once the reduction in insurance costs have been factored into the whole process, however, the GPS tracker price can be insignificant to even the smallest of ventures.

Fleet Tracking System Cost

Fleet cost management is a far more complicated equation. With so many factors in play, such as the exact size of fleet and types of vehicles involved, there is no one size fits all answer.

Extra information can also be added to the process increasing the costs further but usually the larger the fleet the lower the price per vehicle will be. GPS fleet tracking costs also depend on the company involved and whether you lease, outsource or buy the system outright. More on that later.

GPS Tracking Device Price

As with all things related to vehicle tracking prices, the cost of a device depends on a few things. Large fleets require multiple devices and therefore will seek the best price GPS suppliers, based on bulk deals and a company’s need for complex or uncomplicated equipment.

Vehicle trackers prices usually start at around the £300 mark but can reach far higher. For the more expensive devices it may be worth seeing if there are savings to be made in other areas when purchasing however. Some suppliers, for example, only charge the initial fee and offer services for free from there onwards.

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Type Of System (Leasing, Outsourcing or Purchasing)

Vehicle tracking systems cost can become burdensome if a company chooses the wrong option. It is important to consider exactly which is the best way to utilise these technologies and services before you sign long term contracts or spend money on what seems to be the cheapest option at the outset but will cost more in the long run. False economy is often a trap that businesses fall into when choosing their vehicle tracking system.

  • Leasing - Leasing would seem to be the best method of fleet cost management on the face of it. Certainly the up front costs are reduced, which is a bonus for companies with little capital to invest in such systems. The problem with this option, however, is the necessity of signing what are often long term contracts with huge get out fees if you change your mind or operation outgrows any leasing benefits. Long term contracts are the most cost efficient way to lease and can cost as little as £150 a year but more complex operations can expect to pay more than double that for each vehicle.
  • Outsourcing - Outsourcing the whole process can be beneficial to some companies looking to utilise vehicle tracking technology. Although not many businesses choose this option as it is probably the least cost efficient way of managing your GPS tracking system price, it can take the stress out of the whole process.
  • Purchasing - Purchasing is usually the most beneficial method of managing tracking system’s costs because it allows for the most flexibility. This is particularly beneficial to companies whose operations are likely to change in the near or even distant future. Touchscreen systems start at around £400 and tend to be the most highly regarded. Entry level devices start from around £250 and are perfectly suited to less complicated ventures.

Next Steps

With so many devices, payment methods and contracts available, it can be confusing, and even overwhelming, deciding which are the right options for your business. Vehicle tracking systems costs can cause a business significant problems if they are not managed properly, so taking time and researching in the right areas can be vital to running an efficient and successful operation.

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