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Box Telematics Review 2017

box telematics review

Box Telematics Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Box Telematics is part of The Mobilefone Group, a privately owned organisation that was established by June Reynolds-Lacey back in 1989. The Company, which was formed in 2000, quickly became a pioneer in the m2m sector, providing leading vehicle telematics solutions to businesses of all sizes. All of Box Telematics’ design and manufacturing takes place in-house. Over the years, they have delivered market leading solutions for the likes of JCB, enabling their customers to accurately monitor and improve machine performance. If you are looking for vehicle telematics solutions you can rely on, Box Telematics is sure to impress.Box Telematics review
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Best Box Telematics Products

Box Telematics specialises in designing and developing GPS based vehicle tracking solutions for commercial fleets and vehicles. They currently ship telematics hardware to fifteen countries, supplying it to a number of tracking companies who do not manufacture their own products. Two of the brand’s most popular telematics products include Boxtracker, their primary vehicle tracking solution and Spoton, an app that provides real-time information and resources. Both products are sold via a vast UK reseller network.

Known forIndustryModelsFeaturesPrices
Fleet Management• Logistics
• Various industries
Box Tracker INSIGHT• Comprehensive tracking solution
• H&S compliant
Automated Data Collection• Logistics
• Long haul driving
Box Tracker SPOTONFull driver visbility & integrated geofencing

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Professional fleet management solution

Box Telematics BoxTracker

In order to remain competitive in today’s challenging economic climate, businesses must make the effort to reduce their operational costs and improve efficiency. They are also responsible for providing a duty of care to their employees in order to comply with Health and Safety legislation. All of the above can be achieved with the help of BoxTracker Insight.

BoxTracker Insight is a comprehensive vehicle tracking solution that provides fleet managers with up-to-date information on what their fleet and drivers are doing. By gathering insightful data, BoxTracker can assist business owners in:

  • Reducing fuel bills
  • Increasing employee safety
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing overtime claims
  • Improving customer service

The high-spec BoxTracker GPS device, which is installed in vehicles, processes data from GPS satellites to calculate its position on the road. It contains a powerful internal processor that constantly monitors the status of the vehicle and creates logs. At certain intervals, BoxTracker uses the GPRS network to transmit the logs to the data collection server, which makes the information accessible via PC or laptop.

BoxTracker gives you more control over your fleet, by allowing you to see where your mobile workers are at all times. The information it reports will also enable you to allocate the nearest driver for jobs, confirm mileage claims and increased lone worker safety.

Box Telematics Spoton

Automated data collection system for fleet managers

box telematics spoton

Spoton is Box Telematics’ user-friendly automated data collection system, which was designed to use in conjunction with the brand’s other products, which include Boxtracker, Boxsolo and iSPOT. The SPOTON app gives fleet managers complete control over their telematics solutions, ensuring their needs and requirements are met.

SPOTON is hosted by BOX Gateway, a data collection portal that facilitates user-friendly web-based reporting. The app boasts great functionality, offering full visibility of all vehicles and drivers, no matter where in the world they are located. Using the app, fleet managers can pinpoint the location of any vehicle or person using BoxTracker, Boxsolo or iSpot and gain an insight to their behaviour and speed.

Some of the vehicle tracking applications key features include:

  • Geofencing – Users can create complex alert zones to increase their control and visibility of their vehicles, assets and drivers.
  • Powerful reporting – Quick and in-depth reports provide a wide range of information from overviews of vehicles to daily data and ETAs.
  • Web service access – Data collected via Box Gateway so businesses can utilise the data in their own business systems.
  • Ease of use – SPOTON has an intuitive interface with clean and clear design. Delivered as a subscription-based service.
  • Security – 24/7 access to SPOTON via secure online account using personal ID and password. Trusted by business customers all over the world.

Using Box Telematics’ SPOTON Application will greatly help you to improve your bottom line and increase productivity. You will also be able to save money by reducing fuel usage and limiting mobile phone calls to workers.

Many business customers find that using this application enables them to significantly cut back on administration tasks. The fact that it gives you a complete overview of your mobile workers’ locations means you won’t have to waste time calling them to see where they are or disputing mileage claims. The automated reporting suite will provide you with timesheets, journey histories and all the information you need to know to conduct your business effectively.


If you require innovative vehicle tracking and data collecting solutions to improve your bottom line and increase efficiency, Box Telematics’ products will make an excellent choice. Not only have they been designed to provide you with accurate fleet, asset and driver information but also save you time and money spent on mundane administration work.

With the help of Box Telematics, you can completely transform your fleet operations and get the most out of your investments. By cutting costs and improving productivity, Box Telematics’ BoxTracker and SPOTON solutions will quickly become valuable assets to your business.

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