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Chameleon Codewing Tracker Review 2017

chameleon codewing vehicle trackers

Chameleon Trackers For 2017

Chameleon was founded in 1989 as a hands-free car kit installation company and grew to become one of the largest UK companies in its sector. Over time the company added auxiliary equipment to its product range including in-car audio/DVD systems, security, tracking, alarms, reversing sensors and Chameleon GPS satellite navigation.

Chameleon tracking solutions include the supply and installation of a range of trackers and Chameleon Asset Track, which was developed to provide on-line vehicle tracking for small and large businesses enabling them to manage their company fleets more efficiently. Their client base includes several of the top 500 UK companies.

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Products and Features

Chameleon tracking services include the supply and installation of a range of vehicle trackers along with Chameleon Asset Track, an online real time vehicle tracking service that enables businesses to track and effectively manage their fleet.

Known forIndustryModelsFeaturesPrices
Vehicle recovery systems• High-risk or high-value industriesTracker MonitorVHF based tracker that is supported by all UK police forces
Tracker LocateIncludes all the features of Tracker Monitor but with GPS and GSM for faster vehicle recovery
Vehicle recovery systemsChameleon Asset TrackComprehensive fleet tracking solution with online access

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Chameleon Vehicle Trackers

Chameleon vehicle trackers are intended for use in stolen vehicle recovery. They range from an entry model for use on bikes and cars, through to a fully features model that includes GPS and GSM. They are all Thatcham insurance approved. Prices start form £149 for supply and installation plus £149 for a year's subscription.

Tracker Monitor

Chameleon Tracker Monitor is a stolen vehicle recovery system that uses VHF. The device is hidden in the vehicle with no aerial or other identifying feature and it is monitored by Chameleon’s radio network. The advantage of VHF over GPS and GSM is that it works even in underground car parks and shipping containers.

Once the vehicle is in range of a Police Vehicle equipped with TRACKER it will be identified. This applies to all 52 police forces in the UK. The tracker includes a motion monitor that will alert Tracker if the vehicle is moved without your permission.

Tracker Locate

Chameleon Tracker Locate is VHF based a stolen vehicle recovery system includes all the functionality of Chameleon Tracker Monitor but also has GPS and GSM which can speed up vehicle recovery. Vehicles can be located on computer based maps and the vehicle’s location and direction can be transmitted to the police.

You can track your vehicle online through the Tracker website, display completed journeys, and generate reports.Prices start from £219 for supply and installation plus £174 for a year's subscription.

Fleet tracking

Chameleon Asset Track

Chameleon Asset Track provides real time GPS location information and historic vehicle activity reporting. You can identify vehicle location at any time and monitor routes. Used as a fleet management tool it enables you to improve performance, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Users can access the Chameleon website from where they have access to asset tracking functions such as vehicle activity reporting and vehicle mapping. Reports include vehicle status, vehicle time sheets, speeding, work times and more. The system can also track unauthorised driving activities


Chameleon is a well established company whose main focus is on supply and installation of hands free car kits and other aftermarket equipment. Although vehicle tracking is only one of several of the company’s activities, it does seem to have developed a well thought out product that in many ways is superior to its competitors.

The Chameleon price point is attractive, offering excellent value for money. Pricing is straight forwards with no hidden extras. For businesses seeking a simple yet effective vehicle tracking or fleet management Chameleon is worth investigating.

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