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Covert Vehicle Trackers and Vehicle Security

covert tracking device

Covert Vehicle Trackers

Covert vehicle tracking devices are a type of GPS tracker that is attached under the chassis of a vehicle so that it is not visible. In business settings, covert trackers are used primarily as an anti theft device.

Covert tracking devices are best suited to those businesses who are in high risk or high value businesses and that operate fleets, or have other reasons to fear that their vehicles might be stolen.

Hidden GPS Trackers

If it is obvious there is a tracker on your vehicle and that vehicle is then stolen, the chances are the car will be dumped as soon as this is realised or the tracker will be removed. If the vehicle is stolen without the thief realising that it is being tracked, your chances of recovering the vehicle increase significantly. As a result, all covert vehicle trackers are hidden.

How Do Anti-Theft Trackers Work?

Ensuring Vehicle Security

Anti-Theft tracking devices have become more and more popular in the UK due to improvements in technology and the rise of crime. Many businesses need to protect their fleet of vehicles from theft. Such devices are cost effective way of doing so.

The anti-theft tracker, or covert tracking device, is comprised of a small device in which a GPS chip emits a signal that can be traced. Covert tracking software is then used remotely to locate the signal emitted by the GPS chip in the covert vehicle tracker and display this accurately on a map.

If the vehicle is stolen, the software can immediately locate the vehicle as vehicle location information can be found instantly. As a result, there is a much higher chance of the police finding the vehicle intact and undamaged. There is also a much higher chance of catching the person responsible for stealing the vehicle in the first place.

Covert Tracking Devices vs Standard GPS Vehicle Trackers

covert vehicle tracking device

Covert GPS trackers are different from regular GPS trackers in several ways.

  • Covert trackers are placed on the outside of the vehicle - while regular vehicle tracking devices sit inside the vehicle, usually under the dashboard, and are powered by the car battery, covert vehicle trackers sit outside the vehicle, usually under the chassis. Due to this, they will usually have their own power supply.
  • Covert tracking devices are more rugged - covert tracking devices are built to withstand tampering and will sometimes even be bulletproof. They can also withstand heavy blows as well as very cold and hot temperatures.
  • Covert tracking devices provide basic data - basic covert vehicle trackers will usually be able to tell you where the vehicle has been, when, and how fast it was travelling. They will not provide data about fuel consumption or telematics data about driver behaviour such as fast acceleration or hard braking. However, advanced tracking systems will have all of these functions as well as real time location tracking built into the covert vehicle trackers.
  • Covert trackers are designed for security and immobalisation - some trackers designed for covert vehicle monitoring have the ability to remotely immobilise the car. Also some covert tracking providers work with police support, meaning a stolen car that is fitted with one if their models can be reclaimed by the police.

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Do you already have a Vehicle Tracking System?

Business Benefits of Covert Tracking Devices

Covert vehicle tracking can provide business benefits above and beyond standard vehicle tracking, especially if you are working in a high value or high risk business. If one of your vehicles or mobile assets such as a trailer gets stolen, a covert vehicle tracker will significantly increase your chances of recovery.

If your covert GPS tracker is provided by a supplier who works with the police, they can act on the data relayed by the tracker to recover your vehicle. This is the ideal scenario, since otherwise you might know where your vehicle is being held but have no means of retrieving it.

The main business benefits of a covert tracker are:

  • Alerts in the case of theft - act faster to retrieve your vehicles
  • Higher chance of vehicle recovery - eliminate money lost via stolen assets
  • Knowledge of where your vehicle is being held and if it is stationary or mobile after theft
  • Police support during recovery

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Do you already have a Vehicle Tracking System?

Covert Vehicle Tracking And The Law

You have every right to undertake covert tracking of the vehicles in your fleet and take advantage of the benefits this affords you. At the same time, only vehicles may be tracked covertly, not the drivers. If your fleet uses covert GPS tracking systems, these must be used as anti-theft devices only, and not to secretly monitor the driver.

All drivers of your vehicles must be made aware of the fact that there is a vehicle tracker - covert or otherwise - in their vehicle. They must explicitly give their consent regarding the fact that they are being tracked.

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