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Enigma Vehicle Tracking Review 2017

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Review of Enigma Vehicle Tracking Systems

Founded in 1992, Enigma is one of the industry leading providers of vehicle tracking solutions to businesses all over the world. Since the very beginning, their mission has remained the same – to help other businesses improve their operations by equipping them with high quality telematics solutions.

In June 2014, Enigma Telematics merged with the Viasat Group, the largest independently owned Italian telematics provider. The strategic move has allowed the company to improve the range of telematics solutions they offer and continue meeting the changing needs of those working within the industry.

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Products and Features

Enigma invests heavily in research and development to provide high quality telematics solutions that helps businesses to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. As well as providing industry leading products such as the Skyline vehicle tracker and Skyline Solo, Enigma also offer world-class customer service, to ensure all of their clients get the most out of their investments. For quality telematics, excellent customer service and total reliability, there’s no better choice than Enigma.

Known forIndustryModelsFeaturesPrices
Vehicle Tracking• Agriculture
• Construction
• Logistics
• Waste Management
Skyline SeriesWeb tracking interface, Thatcham compliant, 24/7 monitoring service
Lone Worker Tracking• Long distance drivers
• Constuction
• Healthcare
Skyline SoloJourney tracking & logging with remote configuration & reporting options

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Enigma Skyline Tracking

Enigma vehicle tracking

This Enigma vehicle tracking solution is designed to provide users with full control over their remote fleet. With a variety of options at their fingertips, fleet managers can use Skyline Enigma to reduce costs, improve security and generate a higher return on investment.

Enigma’s Skyline tracking interface has all the functionality required to gain a complete overview of fleet status. It also has advanced features, which make up a rich user environment. With traditional maps, hybrid satellite images and Google Streetview, fleet managers can quickly pinpoint their drivers’ locations at all times.

As well as providing vehicle tracking benefits, Skyline Enigma is also capable of producing over sixty unique reports which enable fleet managers to make better informed decisions. Using these reports, you will be able to gain insights to drivers that are speeding or using their vehicles out-of-hours, as well as route reviews, which will tell you if there are more efficiency routes they could be taking.

The Skyline 7.0 web tracking interface is available to lease, rent or buy. Prices start at just £18.03 per month. Fill in our online form below for your own bespoke quote from Enigma.

Skyline 999

The Skyline 999 system is the entry level system within the Enigma range of vehicle tracking products. This system will fit all types of devices, e.g. cars, trucks, plant and assets. A full 24x7 bureau monitoring service is available, alarm alerts can be sent by email, SMS and/or text. The standard reports available for any of the Skyline range are offered with the Skyline 999.

The Skyline 999 can be upgraded at any time to the Skyline system which is detailed below. The Skyline 999 currently retails from £239+ VAT and has a quarterly fee of £22.50.


The Skyline is an upgrade from the Skyline 999 and has many features making the additional price very worthwhile. Additional functionality includes integration with Google Maps for street view and traffic / routing options. Various alerts are available such as harsh braking, speeding, excessive idling, etc

The Skyline currently retails from £275+ VAT and has a quarterly fee of £33. The following range of optional extras are also available for the Skyline and Skyline Plus:

  • Lone Worker - £120 + £3 per quarter fee
  • Privacy Button - £39.50
  • Panic Button - £39.50
  • Remote immobilisation (for plant) - £25 + £3 per quarter
  • E-Motion (for plant) - £105

Skyline Plus

The Skyline Plus takes all the features of the Skyline and enhances with new functionality the main one being Thatcham TQA accreditation. There is the ability to remotely immobilise or control any fleet vehicle. Also fleet operators can request a position of a vehicle on demand.

The Skyline Plus currently retails from £375+ VAT and has a quarterly fee of £45. There are two additional optional extras for this model:

  • E-Lock - £320
  • E-Touch - £295

Skyline CAT5

The Skyline CAT5 uses a different design to the Skyline Plus and develops security even further. The Skyline CAT5 is Thatcham TASS-350/1109 accredited. This system offers Dallas key and/or RFID tag functionality. The vehicle can be activated/deactivated remotely using this technology.

The Skyline CAT5 currently retails from £399+ VAT and has a quarterly fee of £174. There are two additional optional extras for this model:

  • Lone Worker - £120
  • Privacy Button - £39.50

Skyline CAT5 Plus

The Skyline CAT5 Plus is the top of the range model in the Enigma Skyline range. This device has everything offered by Skyline CAT5 as well as Thatcham accreditation approved to P2, L2, H2 &CAT2 with added 3 circuit immobilisation. The device has 3 layer pin control with a total of 20,000 unique codes or alternatively a Dallas iButton coded key system can be used. The system is ideal where the highest levels of security are required.

The Skyline CAT5 Plus currently retails from £599+ VAT and has a quarterly fee of £174. There are two additional optional extras for this model:

  • Lone Worker - £120
  • Privacy Button - £39.50

Skyline Solo

Lone worker tracking

If you are looking for a high quality lone worker protection solution, Skyline Solo by Enigma will make a fantastic choice. This solution can be rapidly deployed in both owned and rented vehicles and used to monitor the locations of your drivers.

Using the same technology as the other Skyline products from Enigma, Solo is capable of logging data and reporting it back to the fleet management. It is fitted with an efficient battery management system and a panic button, which when pressed will send messages to Skyline and pre-defined numbers and email addresses.

With advanced high-sensitive GPS & a Quad-Band GSM model, Skyline Solo is able to operate anywhere that GSM coverage is available. When out of coverage, the internal memory will takeover, logging up to 100,000 events for transmission when coverage returns.

Key features of Skyline Solo include:

  • Vehicle tracking (by time, distance and direction)
  • Journey logging
  • Distance reporting
  • Speeding alerts
  • Panic button
  • Power management functions
  • Low power warning
  • Moving report
  • TCP/IP, UDP, CSD and SMS communication
  • As an employer, you owe a duty of care to your employees, including those that work out on the road. If you are looking for a better way to increase their safety and offer quicker response times in the case of an emergency, lone worker solutions like Enigma’s Skyline Solo, will prove to be very beneficial.

    Whilst helping you to maintain the safety of lone workers by keeping track of their locations and monitoring panic signals, you will also find that Skyline Solo helps to improve the efficiency of your operations and increase customer satisfaction through better estimated time arrivals.

    Enigma Skyline Solo is available to lease, rent or buy. Prices start from just £18.12 per month. For a bespoke quote that is tailored to your business needs, please fill in our online form below.


    When it comes to designing and manufacturing quality telematics solutions, no one knows what customers need quite like Enigma does. By working alongside their customers in the fleet management and security sectors, Enigma is able to gain a full understanding of their needs and develop unique solutions to meet them.

    As a company they put their customers at the heart of everything they do, which results in them delivering genuine added-value products that help fleet managers and their companies to succeed. With this in mind, it is highly recommended that you take a closer look at the Enigma vehicle tracking solutions and find out how they could personally benefit your fleet management operations.

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