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Web Vehicle Tracking - 2017 Buyer Guide

web vehicle tracking

What is Web Vehicle Tracking?

For many companies, keeping track of their fleet is vital to the success of the business. With the advent of satellite tracking systems and the Internet, web vehicle tracking is accurate for even companies with very large numbers of vehicles.

There are many applications to this technology and various sectors are taking advantage of the benefits it offers.

How Does Web Vehicle Tracking Work?

Web vehicle tracking works by fitting each vehicle with a transmitter, the same type you might use in personal navigation systems such as GPS, which emits a signal that is read by satellites. This signal can then be shown on an electronic map in real time (or later uploaded) allowing a business to follow the position of its entire fleet.

Types Of Web Vehicle Tracking

Passive Web Vehicle Tracking

Passive web vehicle tracking systems do not provide real time up-to-date information. Instead, the vehicle data collected is manually uploaded to an electronic map or other vehicle tracking software arrangements. The system can then read the vehicles data including speed, activity and much more. Because passive web tracking systems lacks in providing real time information, companies that operate fleets choose active web tracking systems.

Active Web Vehicle Tracking

Unlike the passive system, active online vehicle tracking works in real time, allowing a fleet tracking online manager to locate the exact location of each of his or her workforce. Because satellite technology is instant and accurate, this can allow for better control of the entire operation, something that is essential to some businesses, such as cab firms or delivery businesses.

Usually, a company would employ the use of both passive and active systems to ensure tracking accuracy.

Benefits Of Using An Online Fleet Management System

The benefits of using online fleet management systems largely depends on the business you are operating. Most businesses that utilise a fleet of vehicles, whether that might be a haulage company or a cab firm, can make use of this technology.

Antitheft Web Vehicle Tracking

By fitting a vehicle with a transmitter, a company, or even an individual, can rest assured that their vehicle will always be able to be found, even after theft. For many years this technology has been used to reduce car crime, something it has partly been successful in achieving at an astonishing rate since the 1990s. It is also this tracking technology that you can thank for reducing the need for the nuisance of car alarms as they are much more affective at crime prevention than the old fashioned alarm, which would usually be set off by innocent passers by, wildlife or even the weather.

For companies with large fleets, this also reduces unauthorised use by its employees and has helped reduce insurance costs significantly.

Online Fleet Management

By tracking the costs of each route, a company can avoid toll fees and delays due to traffic and road works. A company, such as a delivery service, can also offer a service that informs their customers of the location of their package. This makes for a more contented client base and in turn a higher degree of customer loyalty.

Other Uses For Web Vehicle Tracking

One of the most common uses for this technology is in urban transportation. Transport systems can now be tracked in real time, allowing the passenger to ascertain when their bus or train might arrive. This has been a major factor in reducing frustration and lost working hours for a huge number of people.

Business cars can also be easily tracked to make sure time and fuel are not being wasted on frivolous journeys.

Next Steps

Web vehicle tracking is an ever expanding market and as such there are many options available to a company that wishes to utilise this kind of technology. Because of its popularity, there are many options available to a potential buyer but not all are suitable to each company’s size, operation or budget.

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